Rate Kids' Korner Results!

1. How much do you like Kids' Korner?
80% (almost all of you!) liked or loved KKN! Yay!

2. Which sections do you like best?
Puzzles & Games, Coloring Pages, and Click Your Own Adventures got the most votes.

3. Which is your favorite character?
The top three KKN characters were Topper the Car, Dot, and Bunny!

4. What else would you like to see on Kids' Korner?
The top two requests were "More games!" and "More Click Your Own Adventure Stories!"

5. Are you a boy or a girl?
Girls = 80%, Boys = 20%

6. How old are you?
Almost all votes were from kids 12 and under, but there were quite a few of you oldies but goodies out there.

7. Do you go to school?
Most (70%) of you were pre-schoolers to middle-schoolers, while 30% of you were parents, grandparents, and teachers.

Thank you everyone for letting us know what you think about Kids' Korner! Keep watching for more surveys. We like to hear from you!

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